John Oliver hilariously and shrewdly analyses the dynamics which increases the wealth gap, in the U.S and all over the world....

John Oliver has done it again. In a funny and smart show, he was able to discuss the painful and incredibly important issue of wealth gap in America. But this discussion is just as relevant to Israel, and any other place on the globe, because globalization is bringing wealth gaps everywhere (look at China, for example). 

What can we do about it? well, for one thing, we can all accept the very smart suggestion Oliver raised: lets stop thinking of most of the members of our society as soon to be haves. Lets accept the sad truth - there are those who have a greater share of the wealth, and there are those who do  not have enough, and this situation shall remain, or even get worse, unless we do something about it. 

Now, accepting that premise, lets start thinking about the society we all wish to live in.