Global Warming theory getting unexpected support

Another point for Pro-Global-Warming believers. I've always been waiting to see when people will have enough faith in the theory to let it impact their economic behaviour. And now a clear demonstration of the power of the Global Warming theory has come to my knowledge: it turns out Insurance companies are called on to adapt their risk-management to include Global Warming possible outcomes.

Personally, I belong to those persons who take the Global Warming theory with a grain of salt. I still think that it remains to be seen if the globe has been warming in the recent century -

  • due to Humanity's actions;

  • due to climaitc processes which humanity has little impact of, if any;

  • or whether the world does not get warmer at all, and the entire "global warming" discourse is a result of a random trend soon to be changed....

    Regardless, Global warming being true or false, a mammal needs to have quite an ego if he believes he has such a high-level impact on the planet where he resides, considering that the activities of that mammal currently sum to several capabilities in making tools and in adapting the environment instead of adapting to the environment.

    And yet, these are the current beliefs of a significant part of the scientific community, and that part is growing still, and evidentaly conquering fields outside accurate sciences.

    Last point - One has to make this point finely tuned: the fact people are allocating money by their faiths is no proof to the truthfullness of their beliefs. It is a proof to the strength of the fate.