not all forms of bad publicity are cast in the same mold

When I first heard that Ben & Jerry's recent flavor, schweddy balls is raising objections from conservative organizations, I tended to dismiss it as another case of extremists finding insult where there is none. But as I haven't seen this famous Saturday night live sketch before, I decided to watch it. As the saying goes, nothing beats seeing for oneself.

As the entire logic and content of the sketch is based on the dual meaning of the term "balls", and the sexual interpretation is the heart of the sketch, I find myself, surprisingly, supporting the critiques.

Too much sexuality interwoven into our lives, is just as wrong as no sexuality. Ice cream is an all ages delight, and the choice of a name whose merits relies solely on its possible sexual meaning, makes it, in my mind too, a very wrong choice.

It is a little bit funny to find myself in the company of conservative folks, but I couldn't agree more with the statement:
"the name is nothing but locker room humor that's not appropriate for young children."
I'm well aware that many publicity professionals believe that bad publicity is just as good as positive one, because the brand is being talked about. But as far as my own choices as a consumer goes, as long as Ben & Jerry's (a franchise I highly like and appreciate, btw) will continue with the schweddy balls line, I will feel rather hurt. Nothing in the level of boycotting. But yes in the level of being dissapointed.

Yes, I know. I'm only one.

Now its your turn.