Halftime in America

A recent Superbowl advertisment, presented by Chrysler, directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood (who also appears in it), which is headed Halftime in America, is probably one of the best expressions of public opinion in the U.S I've seen recently -

Any one viewing it can interpret it as he likes, and the political debate developing proves how invigorating the ad is, in raising attention.Those who insist that this ad supports one camp, should remember the "morning in america" Reagan TV ad. of 1984.

Considering the fact that the U.S economy is still one of the 2 largest producing economies in the world (see the wiki-articles regarding Economy of the EUEconomy of the USEconomy of ChinaEconomy of IndiaEconomy of Japan and comparative lists of countries GDP and GDP-PPP per capita), one cannot help but envy the american way of debate. It is clearly one of the strengths of the American nation, and I believe that it will be the one that will lead them past the current global economic turmoil into more peaceful and prosperous seas.