we are all human

Thanks to another blog I've been working on, I was introduced to the art of Samira Said, the great Morrocan-Egyptian artist.

Those of a sharp memory may remember Said from to her participance in the 1980 Eurovision songs contest, the only one in which an African state took place. Morocco joined the Eurovision family for the first (and so far only) time, and some believe that they were only brought in to replace Israel, who declined to participate that year. 

Participation in the Eurovision is not determined by geography, but by memebership in the European Broadcasting Area, as defined by the International Telecommunication Union. A quick glance at the countries that have participated in the Eurovision, or considered to do so, clarifies the difference between geo-political borders and tele-political borders in one way, and clarifies the artificial nature of borders in general, in another, deeper way... As the song states - We are all human.