Super Bowl 2014 varieties

Watching some of the Superbowl 2014  (XLVIII =  48) commercials, one cannot help but feel slightly overwhelmed by the various ways in which Americans look at themselves.

(If you wish to view the summary of the game, you can find in the following link)

Diversity is praised in a manner which makes one envious, even though it is a beverages company that sends the message:

The past and the present are contrasted in a smart and funny manner by an electronics retails store which makes one curious about their future:

On the other hand, seeing the way how one American  car manufacturer is willing to succumb to other nations in other industries, as long as his own enterprise succeeds, one cannot help but feel a little embarrassed for the management of this corporation, and sad for the nation in which individuality overpowers social cohesiveness in such a blunt manner: 

However one looks at these commericals, the Seinfeld reunion makes the lining that is shared by all of these ads, crystal clear:

 Nostalgia is queen in America.

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