The big bang sitcom discrepancies post strikes again

A surprising number of readers wrote about the big bang discrepancies post, and asked to know more about the discrepancies I found in seasons 1 and 2. So, why not deal with those as well?

As I wrote, I avoided including them in the main post, because those seasons were still finding themselves. And yet, as people were curious enough to ask, here as an addendum-style-post, including the most glaring discrepancies of seasons 1 & 2 of the big bang theory sitcom:
It is important to note, however, that I have not included the full list here. Mainly, because it would take pages over pages of tedious details, all summing up to that basic aspect of the series still seeking its shape.

What are the more glaring discrepancies?

  1. s01.e01: sheldon describes as semi-pro in regarding to self-enjoyment, which contradicts, more or less, the rest of the series.
  2. s01.e01: sheldon agrees to sit at another spot instead of his favorite one (this returns again and again).
  3.  s01e03 Leonard tells Sheldon (and not the other way): "I've taken your asthma into account". (as he considers a cat for intimacy). 
  4. s01.e07: Raj speaks near penny. Both are at the same room. He protests Leonard's suggestion that Raj be cut in half, so that a Halo team game would be possible. The full text goes like this: "Leonard: Well the only way we can play teams at this point is if we cut Raj in half.
      Raj: Oh, sure, cut the foreigner in half, there’s a billion more where he came from.
      Penny: Hey, if you guys need a fourth, I’ll play." 
  5. s01e07: The aforementioned lack of a player took place as a result of Howard trying his luck with Christie, a girl from Nebraska that came to California and used penny's hospitality. Howard actually had luck with her, which is quite an unusual event in the history of the sitcom. 
  6. s01e07: Sheldon refers to penny as attractive in the immortal sentence "Okay, that’s it, I don’t know how, but she is cheating. No-one can be that attractive and be this skilled at a video game."
  7. s01e07: Sheldon disagrees to a hypothetical suggestion made by Leonard: to suggest Penny they go dancing with her (as Howard ruins halo night, spending time with Christie). His reply: "assuming we could dance, which we can't". This contradicts s04.e21 where sheldon turns out to be an excelent dancer, due to the qutillion tradition.
  8. s01.e10: Sheldon takes out food thrown to the garbage ?!? (the fact that Sheldon succumbs to Leonard's non-verbal ques and actually throws the take-out food they brought with them is in itself a very non-Sheldonian behavior). 
  9. s01.e11: Sheldon tells of the time he was ill visiting the Heidelberg institute. This story depicts his mother going back to help his father at a crisis at home when he was 15. But later episodes teach us that his father died when he was 14.... (in particular s07e09, the episode that Bernadette's dad and Sheldon bond over Thanksgiving football, remember?).
  10. s02e02: Where is the roommate agreement ? Sheldon evacuates the apartment for a Leonard-Leslie date that was not notified in advance?
  11. s02e02: Sheldon has an arch-enemy (Leslie); but there is no mention of the list !
  12. s02e15: Leonard'd mother tells Sheldon that she and her husband had sex only for reproduction; But a season later, on s03e11, she complains to Penny that she has been responsible for her own orgasms since 1982; how come the sudden appearance of a sex drive and sex interest ?
  13. s02e12 Sheldon does not know how to open a toolbox (or modify a robot). But only 3 chapters earlier, on s02e09, he told Dr. Stephanie Barnett how he built a CAT scanner and was briefly able to see the inside of his sister’s guinea pig, Snowball, before he caught fire. Also compare this to s03e09 where Sheldon he avenges Barry Kripke using sensors and an Apparatus that combines and spills chemical materials... (the memorable "The Vengeance Formulation" foamy vengeance).
  14. s02e15: A tearful Penny tells Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard's mother, that she was no longer "Slugger" to her father, after she got her first training bra. But on s09e03 and s10e1, Wyatt, Penny's father, addresses her by the nickname. 
Before we depart, two factual anecdotes mentioned once, never repeated, and quite out of character:

  • s01e02: penny rebuilt a tractor engine when she was 12.
  • s01e01: sheldon was sent to boarding shcool (would his loving mother do this to him? not to mention that this does not fit to all other pieces of the Sheldonian childhood puzzle)

And for departure, let us take a trip down memory lane, and recall how the future of the show was discussed 7 years ago...